Autumn Update

Wheathampstead Community Group – Our Autumn Update by David Johnston (Chair)

Lots has been going on with the WCG! Our Companionship Network has been busy helping members of our community who are lonely and in need of companionship. Residents may need companionship for various reasons – maybe a recent bereavement, friends moved away or they just feel isolated and lonely. When we hear their story, we aim to match them to a befriending volunteer. Befriending allows the resident and volunteer to meet regularly in a companionable way.

At the moment we have 8 residents matched with befrienders making a big difference to their lives.  One resident reported, the service has given him “a new lease of life” – while a befriender explained, “I am literally the only person he has now… when I grow old, I would like to think someone would take the time to be my friend, to keep an eye out on my behalf”. Unfortunately, we have more residents in need of support than we have volunteers, so are always looking for new companions.

At another level, our ever-popular Transport Service has continued taking residents who may no longer be able to drive themselves or who are unable to use public transport, to and from medical appointments.  In the past year, we have completed 466 journeys to local hospitals, GP surgeries, opticians, and other health practices.

We delivered stationery packs to our primary school leavers prior to their moves to secondary school and we are planning winter activities including Santa’s Grotto for Lights-Up, Santa’s sleigh runs and, of course, our Singalong just before Christmas.

Your Community Group is run entirely by volunteers and we rely on residents like you to help. Feel free to contact me directly on 07774 211933, by email at or visit

Annual Report 2022-23 Published

Our AGM was held at the Memorial Hall, Wheathampstead, on Wednesday 5th July 2023. Thank you to everyone that attended. Our annual general meeting is open for anyone to attend and is great way to meet the WGC Committee, Volunteers, and to find out about what we do and ways to get involved.

Read our Annual Report 2022-23

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Appeal 2019

We would like to thank all those who helped with the WCG appeal for 2019, whether you volunteered or gave a donation.  This a vital fundraiser for the Wheathampstead Community Group.  It helps us to assist those people who have be referred to us via health visitors, children’s centres, CAB, Scout Leaders, GP’s and many different sources.

We are really pleased that we smashed all previous donations received and raised an amazing £11,219.06! This total includes over £2,074 in Gift Aid which makes a huge difference to the overall total.

  • 36 Volunteers delivered to over 1,700 properties on 54 roads in Wheathampstead
  • Our volunteers made, in total, around 5,000 calls to properties in delivering and collecting our appeal envelopes.
  • Volunteers made on average around 140 calls each.

During 2018 – 2019 we had many  different requests for help.  Some of the ways we assisted the residents of Wheathampstead were:

  • A request from a past client for food from the Food Bank and a repair to the family’s dishwasher. Food was delivered and the dishwasher mended by one of our wonderful volunteers.
  • A request from the Lamerfields Children’s Centre for financial assistance to help a mother hire a machine to sand her living room and bedroom floors. The floorboards were stained with drips of paint and she had no carpets. This was approved and the mother worked hard sanding and varnishing the floorboards herself. This was a great achievement as she had been under a great deal of pressure lately and suffering from depression.
  • A request from a housing association to help a mother, with a young son, to pay rent arrears. The mother had been very depressed and was struggling to cope.  As a result her son had been temporary removed from the home as it was in a state of neglect.  Since then, with assistance, the mother’s health has greatly improved, the son has returned home and the mother is now working hard. It was decided that we could help her pay off this debt – as a one off payment.  Also a request was made to the Food Bank.
  • A request from the Lamerfields Children’s Centre to help a mother with a young son whose husband, in his early 40s, had just died. The family had experienced great hardship as the father had been ill for a long time and spent much of this year in hospital. We were very pleased that we could help the family and give a good contribution towards funeral costs.  The mother was also enquiring about bereavement counselling so it was suggested that she contact the St. Albans and District Bereavement Network.
  • A request from one of our volunteers for help to install a new washing machine.One of our invaluable volunteers agreed to do this.
  • A request from a past client whose central heating was not working. One of our handymen inspected the boiler but the problem was too complicated for him to repair.  A central heating firm was contacted but as the repair was going to be very expensive the client decided to take out an insurance policy which  included the cost of the repair to the boiler.  We were able to help with this payment.
  • We were contacted to see if we knew of anybody who needed a single bed and mattress. One of our clients was very interested in the mattress so she has contacted the lady.
  • A request to help an older lady change two light bulbs and replace a tile on the porch. A volunteer was able to help with this.
  • A request to visit a past client who was depressed.  A visit was made.
  • Ongoing support to clear surplus items from a client’s home and transport them to charity shops.
  • And many, many more stories…

Without the generosity of the Wheathampstead community, the help that we could provide would be greatly reduced. So thank you!

If you have not yet donated or wish to donate regularly, you could do it online here.

WCG Annual Garden Party

Our annual WCG Garden Party was a sunny, fun filled affair. This is a thank-you social for all our wonderful hard working volunteers; who without their support we couldn’t continue to do what we do. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer get in touch we would love to hear from you. You can give as little or as much of your time as you have.

WCG volunteers win GOLD!

The Gold Awards are presented at the Annual Parish Council in March and we are delighted that two of our invaluable volunteers have been recognised for their work and support  in the community.

The Gold Awards are given by the Parish Council to people for their dedication to volunteering in Wheathampstead.

This was what was said  about Ann and Bel

“Bel Bluemel  the Wheathampstead Community Group Community Secretary visits all the  people who request some form of financial help  from WCG.

The role requires endless patience, understanding and  empathy  and there is no doubt that Bel has large quantities of these  qualities.

Bel is always the first person to volunteer to help with any job that needs doing, she has total commitment to helping others and she carries out her sometimes difficult role as Community Secretary with selfless modesty”

“Ann Rudeforth has been the Wheathampstead Community Group Transport  Secretary for well over 20 years. Her role is to try to ensure that any vulnerable or elderly person living in Wheathampstead  is able to attend a medical appointment  whether it is the local Village Surgery or Watford or Lister hospitals. Ann has  250 users and 50 volunteer drivers  who she organises.

It is a vital lifeline for many people who cannot call upon family because they do not live nearby or friends because they too are no longer able to drive.

Ann quietly and very efficiently pulls everything together ensuring that no-one is let down or left to feel isolated without support. She is a remarkable woman who was awarded the British Empire Medal ( BEM) by the Queen for her services to the Community. “

We are incredibly proud of Ann and Bel for winning these awards, without the support of people like Ann and Bel we couldn’t do what we do within your our community. Well done ladies!

If you are interested in volunteering or want to find out more about how you can help get in touch 


We would like to thank the amazing Ann for all her time and effort with the Wheathampstead Community Group. Ann is stepping down from her invaluable Transport Co-ordinator post for the WCG after many years supporting and will be sorely missed.

Therefore Wheathampstead Community Group (WCG) are seeking a Transport Co-ordinator.

We need someone who is going to be able to run a system using emails with the support of 10 organisers who take it in turns to run the system but the Co-ordinator needs to be in overall control.



Overall Purpose

Responsible for the smooth running of the Transport scheme by ensuring that all client transport needs are met in an effective and efficient manner;
Responsible to the Executive Committee as a whole but reports to the Chair.
Main Duties and Responsibilities
·     Maintaining a database of all clients needing to use the transport scheme, recognising their transport needs and scheduling them accordingly;
·     Maintaining a database of all volunteer drivers, recognising their availability and scheduling their drives accordingly, passing on any changes in driver details to the Treasurer (to ensure accurate insurance records) and to the Secretary and IT support (for amendments to the volunteers database);
·     Taking responsibility for drawing up a rota of scheme administrators on a fortnightly basis, delegating the day-to-day administration of the scheme accordingly;
·     Through the administrators, adding new clients for the transport scheme, identifying and cataloguing their needs and adding their details to the database;
·     Ensuring that all tools to aid the scheme: mobile telephone, blue badges, etc are properly maintained, contracts kept up to date, and that the appropriate tools are made available to the correct volunteers as appropriate;
·     Checking out new medical venues as they arise;
·     Checking out parking facilities and charges at all medical venues and reviewing these on a regular basis;
·     Preparing and distributing notes to assist new drivers, including insurance forms.
·     Ensuring proper and appropriate communication transport scheme plans and needs to the Executive Committee/Chair.


Do you know anyone who can help? Would you like to help your local charity?  We would love to hear from you if you do.  Get in touch

Voluntary Committee Secretary post available

We would like to thank the wonderful Gwladys Shone for all her time and effort with the Wheathampstead Community Group. Gwladys is stepping down from her invaluable Committee Secretary post for the WCG after many years.

Therefore Wheathampstead Community Group (WCG) are seeking a Committee Secretary, who is responsible for the smooth running of our formal meetings and the recruitment and administration of our volunteers. The role is important to the support of our Chair.

The main duties and responsibilities of the role are:

Ensuring that WCG Committee and Annual General meetings are run efficiently and are properly recorded:

  • Formulating agendas with the Chair;
  • Collecting, organising and distributing documents for meetings;
  • Ensuring communication of Committee decisions;
  • Organising Annual General Meetings in accordance with the requirements of the WCG constitution;
  • Ahead of the Annual General Meeting, receive and process nominations from WCG members for Officers. Should nominations exceed vacancies, then administer any elections;
  • Ensuring that all WCG meetings are recorded and those records stored;

Recruiting and administering WCG volunteers:

  • Keeping a record of all new volunteers and ensuring that they are all DBS checked.
  • Liaising as appropriate with the Committee member to whom new volunteers may be assigned;
  • Liaising with the database administrator to ensure the database of WCG volunteers is up to date;
  • Emailing WCG members and volunteers about events and meetings;
  • Coordinating WCG’s annual appeal with other committee members, taking responsibility for the recruitment, briefing and administration of volunteer collectors.

Do you know anyone who used to be an accountant or is a whiz with numbers? Would you like to help your local charity?  We would love to hear from you if you do.  Get in touch

santa sleigh wheathampstead

Santa is on his way!

Santa’s on his way!
Jolly old Santa Claus is about to fly into Wheathampstead.Wheathampstead Community Group are pleased to announce that we will be closely supporting the Rotary in Harpenden Santa Sleigh runs in Wheathampstead this year.
You’ll see him first with his elves and sleigh at the Lights Up festivities in Wheathampstead High Street on Thursday November 29 at 6pm.
Then, in the early evenings (5:30 to 8:30pm), he’ll be touring 
Bury Green, Wick Avenue, Lattimore Road and area on Tuesday December 4
Butterfield Road, The Hill and Marford Road and area on Thursday December 6 
Necton Road, Tudor Road, Caesars Road and area on Friday December 7
Conquerors HillandHill Dyke estateonMonday December 10
Waddling Lane, Lower Luton Road, Folly Fields and area on Thursday December 13