Appeal 2017

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We would like to thank all those who helped with the WCG appeal for 2016, whether you volunteered or gave a donation.  This a vital fundraiser for the Wheathampstead Community Group.  It helps us to assist those people who have be referred to us via health visitors, children’s centres, CAB, Scout Leaders, GP’s and many different sources.

We are really pleased to have raised £6,220.00!

During 2015 – 2016 we had many  different requests for help.  Some of the ways we assisted the residents of Wheathampstead were:

  • A Request for financial assistance for a single mother with two, young children, one with cerebral palsy. The hard working mother was struggling to pay for physiotherapy sessions for her daughter. We were very pleased to help with this worthwhile request.
  • Assistance for a lady who had just been discharged from hospital. A large settee needed to be moved to make room for the lady’s bed to be brought downstairs. The settee was moved the same day by two willing volunteers!
  • Providing School Uniform for a family struggling financially.
  • Financial assistance to allow the continuation of an adult learning group aimed at giving young parents the core skills (IT, numeracy, literary and money management) to try to return work.
  • Provision of an urgent food donation to a gentleman with health problems.
  • Purchase of a set of bunk beds for a family whose beds had broken but weren’t able to afford replacements.
  • Financial assistance to a family who weren’t able to afford the cost of a relative’s funeral.
  • Financial assistance to allow cubs and scouts, from families with financial difficulties, to go to camp with their friends.
  • Cleaning of carpets for a lady with health issues.
  • And many, many more stories…

Without the generosity of the Wheathampstead community, the help that we could provide would be greatly reduced. So thank you!

If you have not yet donated or wish to donate regularly, you could do it online here.