Helping those in need

We have a very active Community Secretary who helps with a wide range of requests for support. We receive referrals from other charities, doctors, local government agencies, Citizens’ Advice and all who recognise vulnerable people who may need our help.

We are able to support in many ways:

  • giving Tesco or Food Bank vouchers to those in need
  • giving assistance to help hire tools for essential house maintenance
  • helping cover rent arrears when residents unable to work
  • helping with funeral costs and bereavement counselling
  • helping towards cost of repair to items like boilers
  • providing essential household equipment
  • matching the offer of furniture to people who needed it
  • helping buy personal medical equipment to help a child attend school
  • helping with household repairs and gardening for elderly residents
  • supporting clearing surplus items from a client’s home
  • helping move furniture
  • giving assistance when debts became too much to handle
  • helping to pay rail fares to and from a London hospital
  • giving vouchers for clothes and shoes for a large family
  • supporting families in paying for school trips, swimming lessons and scout camp
  • And many, many more stories…


We know it can be hard to make ends meet. Like when the kids need new shoes again just as the monthly budget is spent. These are some of the ways we may be able to help:

  • Contributing to school uniform
  • Study books/equipment or travel
  • Helping with food costs during school holidays
  • Making up the shortfall for a school trip
  • Purchasing essential personal or medical items
  • Helping repair, borrow or replace household commodities

Any information you give us will be treated strictly in confidence – even between members of the Community Group. We also ensure confidentiality and will not share any information you give us with any other organisation without your permission.

If you would like practical or financial support, whether it’s help with gardening or a contribution towards a school trip, call our Community Secretary for advice on 07539 176481.