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2 weeks ago

Jordine Bartlett
Hello, I am a local journalist writing a news story about the government's recent announcement to postpone "Freedom Day" and how setbacks to the final lifting of lockdown restrictions will affect those living in Wheathampstead. I am keen to hear the views of local residents and what impact they think the delay will have on them so if you're interested in sharing your opinions please kindly reply to this thread with any comments.Views will be published along with the surname of the group member within the July issue of Wheathampstead MiniMagazine.Look forward to hearing from you! Many thanks,Jordine ...
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A lovely photo of the Year 6 pupils at Beech Hyde School receiving their Secondary School Stationery Packs. For the first time this year, WCG provided all Year 6 children who attend Beech Hyde and St Helens with a Stationery Pack, including all the elements they'll need as part of the uniform list in their new secondary schools.As many parents know, equipping children with the kit lists for secondary school is an expensive time, hopefully this will ease the burden a bit.The kit comprised:Clear Pencil CaseBlack handwriting PenBlue handwriting penBlack PenBlue Pen2 HB PencilsRed PenGreen PenGreen & Yellow HighlightersGlue StickScissorsScientific Calculator - CASIO FX85GTXMaths set containing:Compasses180 degree ProtractorSet-squaresRubberPencil SharpenerClear RulerPacket of 12 Coloured Pencils As always, thank you so much for your ongoing support and generosity that allows us to give that little bit extra assistance and help look after all generations within our beautiful village. ...
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