We would like to thank the amazing Ann for all her time and effort with the Wheathampstead Community Group. Ann is stepping down from her invaluable Transport Co-ordinator post for the WCG after many years supporting and will be sorely missed.

Therefore Wheathampstead Community Group (WCG) are seeking a Transport Co-ordinator.

We need someone who is going to be able to run a system using emails with the support of 10 organisers who take it in turns to run the system but the Co-ordinator needs to be in overall control.



Overall Purpose

Responsible for the smooth running of the Transport scheme by ensuring that all client transport needs are met in an effective and efficient manner;
Responsible to the Executive Committee as a whole but reports to the Chair.
Main Duties and Responsibilities
·     Maintaining a database of all clients needing to use the transport scheme, recognising their transport needs and scheduling them accordingly;
·     Maintaining a database of all volunteer drivers, recognising their availability and scheduling their drives accordingly, passing on any changes in driver details to the Treasurer (to ensure accurate insurance records) and to the Secretary and IT support (for amendments to the volunteers database);
·     Taking responsibility for drawing up a rota of scheme administrators on a fortnightly basis, delegating the day-to-day administration of the scheme accordingly;
·     Through the administrators, adding new clients for the transport scheme, identifying and cataloguing their needs and adding their details to the database;
·     Ensuring that all tools to aid the scheme: mobile telephone, blue badges, etc are properly maintained, contracts kept up to date, and that the appropriate tools are made available to the correct volunteers as appropriate;
·     Checking out new medical venues as they arise;
·     Checking out parking facilities and charges at all medical venues and reviewing these on a regular basis;
·     Preparing and distributing notes to assist new drivers, including insurance forms.
·     Ensuring proper and appropriate communication transport scheme plans and needs to the Executive Committee/Chair.


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