Welcome to Wheathampstead

This web page is for those who have just moved to Wheathampstead, those thinking of moving to Wheathampstead or those who are simply interested!

Welcome to what some call the “Goldilocks Village”. We’re not too large (around 2,500 dwellings) not too small, but just about right. Much larger and we might lose the intimacy of being a village and our strength as a solid community. Much smaller and we might not maintain our very active High Street with a range of shops and services. We are large enough that you can remain anonymous and small enough that you can easily participate in many village activities.

We’re a strong community, there’s a lot going on and it’s easy to get involved.

The civil parish of Wheathampstead once included Harpenden, but with the coming of the railway, Harpenden outgrew its parent and became a separate town. Some historians call us “the first capital of Britain” and it is thought that in 49AD Julius Caesar defeated Cassivellaunus, the leader of the dominant Catuvellauni tribe, at Devil’s Dyke at the edge of the modern village.

Modern Wheathampstead has a mix of housing – large and small – and a diverse population. There is a services hub based around the Memorial Hall, with a doctors’ surgery, dentists, fire station, sports facilities, library and playing fields all within a radius of 200 metres. The Hall itself is available for hire with reduced rates for residents. We have two primary schools, nurseries and a full range of pubs and restaurants. The village is divided by the River Lea and a riverside open space called the Meads is a short walk from the High Street. The Parish Council owns lots of open spaces kept for recreational use and this includes the Meads. The Council organises a Village Weekend once a year when there is a picnic and music played on the Meads on the Saturday and a traditional fete on the Sunday.

Of course, there are many clubs and voluntary organisations and whatever your interests, you are sure to find one that fits. If not – well, we know someone who can help you get started!


Attimore Vets

Dog Trainers

Dog Walkers

Wheathampstead Woofers


WEB directory on website

Children and Youth

Amwell Scouts


Baby & Toddler group

Beaver Colony


Delaport Cub Pack

Explorer Scouts

First Wheathampstead Guides

Lamer Field Children’s Centre

Lamer Scouts ·Mead Cubs

Outdoor Child Nursery & Holiday Provision

Play Group


Top Hat Stage School


Youth Club

Community and Meeting People

Citizens Advice Bureau

Coffee in the Chancel

Community Group

Community Library

Don’t Mess with Wheathampstead

Food Bank

Wheathampstead Parish Council

Wheathampstead & District Preservation Society

Wheathampstead Business Group (WEB)

Wheathampstead Friends

Health, Wellbeing and Fitness

Chapel Gym

Cycling Routes

Dementia Friendly Village Group


Fitness League

Love to Dance

Patient Participation Group


Places to Walk, Heritage Trail, Nomansland Common, Heartwood Forest

Wheathampstead Warriors Running Club

Thursday Club for the Disabled


Hobbies and Interests

Art Group

Badger Group

Book Club

Church Bell Ringing

Community Library

Dramatic Society

Flower Club

Heritage Trail

History Society

Horticultural Society

Internet Café

Mead Quilters

Meadcraft Workshop

Recreation for the Retired


Wine Club

Women’s institute

Performing Arts

Clover Singing Club

Dramatic Society

Hardynge Choir

Top Hat Stage School

Places of Worship

Coffee in the Chancel

St Helen’s and St Peter’s

St Thomas More

Wheathampstead United Church

Retired and Elderly

Amwell Local Fundraisers

Coffee in the Chancel

Dementia Friendly Village Group



Social Media

Wheathampstead Network  (Facebook)

Wheathampstead Woofers  (Facebook)


Archery Club

Cricket Club

Football Club

Kimpton Bowls Club

Tennis Club

Wheathampstead 10K and 2K

Wheathampstead Warriors Running Club